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Hi there! I'm Callie Rose. I live for what i love and i'm blessed with the life that i live. I'm trying to get by as a 21 year old fashion student residing in NYC and i have an amazing support system to help me accomplish that. I daydream about 99% of the time, and I use it all for motivation and determination.

My simple pleasures consist of music. family >. friends. summer time. concerts & live music. NFL. NBA. New England Patriots. St. Louis. #8 LA Clippers. #32. the beach. pearls. accents. astrology. long hair, don't care. British pop. culinary.cuddling.dresses. Warm weather wardrobes. #teaminspire

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I just about died. If anybody was curious what my ideal man looks like, thats exactly it. He’s what I would consider perfection! fuckkkkkk

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tagged as: fangirl. sam bradford. i love this man. soulmate. we're getting married. :).

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